Juicer's Delight: Choco PB BallsRecipeBY VICKI CHELF   |   SRQ DAILY FRIDAY WEEKEND EDITION   |   FRIDAY MAY 6, 2016       
If you have taken juicing into your own hands, you may be wondering what to do with all that leftover pulp. This recipe, from my book Pulp Kitchen, will help you make a delicious treat with juicing pulp. These raw, vegan chocolate peanut butter balls are so healthful and simple that you will not believe how incredible they are.

Ingredients: 1 cup carrot pulp; 1 cup soft pitted medjool dates; ¾ cup crunchy peanut or almond butter; ½ cup cocoa powder; unsweetened shredded coconut, as needed.

Place the carrot pulp in a large mixing bowl and set aside.

In a Vitamix or food processor, combine the dates and peanut or almond butter. Process until relatively smooth, using the plunger of the Vitamix or a spatula to scrape the sides of the machine as needed.

Add the mixture to the large mixing bowl. Add the cocoa powder and knead well.

Shape the mixture into 26 balls of equal size. Roll each ball in coconut. Serve immediately, or store in a covered container in the refrigerator. 

Pulp Kitchen



06/30/2016 10:22am

Oh how I love peanuts.Aside from its taste, I know that peanuts contains many nutrients that, in numerous studies, have been shown to promote heart health. Peanuts are also good sources of vitamin E, niacin, folate, protein and manganese. This is very interesting, right?

08/10/2016 8:14pm

wow, this recipe seems worth a try


It's so simple to do such treats! But their taste is great! My famly loves them so much!

12/20/2016 7:56am

Well, this is a recipe from my very childhood. My grandma did this sweetie.

04/20/2017 1:18am

I'm cooking such balls very often. Perfect dessert for me!


Okay, I will try this recipe in a few days. These chocolate peanut butter balls look amazing.


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