Mochi Waffles are one of my favorite Sunday Brunch items because they are light, crispy, whole grain, delicious and easy! Here are mochi waffles served with stewed apples, fresh raw fruit with soy yogurt and ground flax seeds.
Mochi is a traditional Japanese food made from sweet rice that has been pounded until it becomes a sticky paste, then it is dried into slabs. Brown rice mochi can be purchased in the frozen foods section of most health food stores.

To make 4 mochi waffles, just cut a package of mochi into 4 squares. A package will make 6 squares, but most waffle irons only make 4 waffles, so save two for later.
My waffle iron is an antique cast-iron one that we found at a garage sale, so any type of waffle iron will work for this. Just brush it with coconut oil and place the mochi in the waffle iron.
Close the waffle iron (it won't close all the way until the mochi starts to melt) and cook over medium heat. Turn it over, as needed, and cook for about 5 minutes on each side.
When it's done, the mochi will puff up, fill the waffle iron and be crispy and golden. Serve it immediately!


05/25/2016 2:38am

Very awesome way to baking. Well now a days people don't have enough time to wait for hours just for any single meal. With this fact now we can see many machines which done our meal into minutes now.


Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe. I have always loved waffles but I am too lazy to make one for myself. I will show this to my friend so he can make one for me. I expect a lot of it burnt though because he is still a beginner when it comes to preparing snacks. We are vegan and you help us a lot when you post ideas on what we can have for lunch. Thanks again.

12/20/2016 12:06am

Your waffles look scrumptious! I would definitely try mochi waffles. I love to make chocolate filled waffles at home. Your waffle iron also looks majestic. I hope I can also find something like that here in UK. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe. I'll try to pair this with ice cream on top. Have a nice day!

I can't exactly define how completely and madly in love I am with pancakes. Starting your day with a pancake is like having the breakfast of a god. I didn't know that you can alter the ingredients of a pancake, then basically turn it into something healthier which is like having the best of both worlds right? I think I should really try this some other time so I could somehow taste a healthier pancake without even worrying about the amount of calories on it. I would definitely share this recipe with my friends so we can do this to have so much fun together. This is a very worth reading article. You just gave us an idea how to make and prepare a new kind of pancakes and I hope you could share some more healthy recipes with us.

02/25/2017 3:19am

Like you, I'm also fond of eating waffles at breakfast. I served it with caramel sauce with slices of fruits like bananas, apples and strawberries. But I never tried making waffles with Mochi. So, seeing these two delicious foods, combined into one is mouth-watering. I will definitely try this on Sunday. I'm so excited what it tastes like.

06/28/2016 10:07am

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08/15/2016 7:32am

Oh wow! I want to try making this when morning comes, this is something that would make me eat the whole day away! The scrumptious aroma this will make and the ever so strong flavors will make you really drool for this and want more. Thanks for the recipe!

08/17/2016 2:01pm

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Does anybody know where I can arrange a moffle machine and have it sent to me in the U.S.? BTW: Moffle is a mochi+waffle producer! Extremely prominent in Japan.

09/07/2016 7:00pm

This simple, but we should know how to handle it. I am pretty sure that all can learn it easily. Thank you very much.

09/30/2016 11:14pm

I used to eat waffles, but I never make it homemade, waffles is a delicious dish typical taste, I like it.

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11/22/2017 12:22am

Mochi is offering a quite good thing and easy to bake.

11/22/2017 1:01am

Quite a good combination used with these waffles.


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