In this section of the site I want to share with you tips to make cooking easier, information about kitchen tools and whatever other helpful tips that I think you can use.
To be a healthy vegan or vegetarian, or actually healthy person in general, unless you have someone that prepares your food for you, its really important to be able to cook with ease. Who wants to do some dreadful and difficult chore day after day?

Since the mid 20th century, there has been a huge industry with a vested interest in making you believe that cooking is not only difficult, but that it requires a special talent. Why else would one bother to buy tasteless products to use as a substitute for food?

Part of what I want to do is help you to realize that cooking is easy. Yes, it does require some skill, like anything else, but it is such a natural and innate activity that once you start cooking you will wonder what took you so long to start. If you are young, learning to cook with natural, plant-based foods will serve you your entire life, and if you are older, your body will thank you a million times over!