Here in Sarasota there are loquat trees all over town heavy with delicious ripe fruit, but it seems that most people don't even know they are edible! When they are ripe, loquats are sweeter and more flavorful than any apricot that you can buy in a store, and although they are a bit like apricots they have their own wonderful unique flavor.

How to Use:
Just rinse them and cut out any bad spots. Remove the seeds and the rest is juicy sweet and deliciously edible. You can cut them up in your morning cereal, or just eat them as they are for a delicious and healthy snack.

Ask to Pick:
If you see a tree in your neighborhood that doesn't appear to be used, just ask the owner to let you pick them and they will more than likely oblige. I haven't tried dehydrating them, but I bet if you cut them in half, remove the seeds and put them in a dehydrator that they would be a lot like dried apricots.


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