Spring has sprung here in Florida, and Chem Lawn signs are popping up like little flowers all over town. My garden provides and abundance of beauty and food, for us and for wildlife without using anything stronger than soap for pests.
These are squash blossoms from seeds that sprouted from our compost. I planted the volunteer vine in a grow bucket and is flourishing! 
Pesticide spraying in home gardens, kills indiscriminately! Beneficial  insects, like these bees pollinating the squash suffer, as well as ladybugs, songbirds, and every other living creature - including us. Why spend money to fabricate a sterile lifeless environment, when all you need to do is cooperate with nature to create a paradise? 
3 Weeks Later
Look what these beautiful volunteer blossoms are producing! I believe it will turn into one of those dark orange, and lusciously sweet and dense Hubbard winter squashes. I will keep you posted and provide a recipe when it is ready.


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